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Ben brings 15 years of extensive experience in recording, musical instrument maintenance and design, artist relations, creative direction, and music business.

Benjamin holds a certification in audio production, music business, and music performance from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. He is also certified in Rock Bass Styles and Creative Writing for Musicians. Benjamin has made tremendous contributions to the growth of the mainstream entertainment industry. In his career years, he has earned a stellar reputation from working in various facets of entertainment including production, engineering, and instrumentation.

He loves and takes great pride in quality entertainment. This passion for excellence has helped him create platforms that lead to the rise of a distinct approach to music. With a keen sense of style and great taste, he developed the new Blue Man Group shows globally. Also, he has served as an in-house audio engineer at Steve Albini's recording studio in Chicago and owns a music sync agency called Said So Sound LLC/Music Publishing.

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