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aaron etrnl

Influenced from the Hip-Hop genre from the mid-90's and before. With influences like Jay-Z and Babyface. His sound is a mix of life lessons, along with his lyrical metaphors.

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey and recently moved to DC-Maryland-Virginia, Aaron ETRNL started his music career in 2007 rapping, but as he started to understand the amount of money needed to pursue a music career, he made the choice to become his own engineer and producer. As far as his future in the music industry, He now has 3 unique skill sets necessary to pursue a career in the field. His motivation for his music is the everyday struggle and happiness of life and the lives of his loved ones. His music is eclectic and can span across many topics, but his focus is turning the struggle into triumph making music that he truly cares about and the people will hear that. His brand is centered around being his own one stop shop. He achieved this goal by writing, producing, mixing and mastering his debut EP “All or Nothing” which was released on July 06, 2018. The individuals that gave him the idea and belief that he could accomplish this feat were the likes of Babyface, Swizz Beats, J. Cole, T-Pain and The-Dream. All these individuals do a mixture of writing, production and mixing or all three combined. Aaron ETRNL is on his way to becoming one of those names

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