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Aleutian Arc

Aleutian Arc, an American indie/world rock band formed in 2016 by musician/singer/songwriter KOVES, multi-instrumentalist and sound mixologist HearHERE, and percussionist/band spirit animal Akna.

After traveling through Europe, train hopping with his cat, Mutton, HearHERE decided to head back to the U.S to do some traveling. After touring the Pacific north west, he decided to continue north and head to Haida Gwai (an archipelago off the coast of BC) where he subsequently met KOVES who was playing an acoustic set at a small music festival in town. KOVES had been living there for a short period doing some mycological research in the forests and back packing across the island. The two became fast friends when they realized their mutual love of sound and travel and decided to explore Alaska together and do some recording with portable recording gear HearHERE had brought along with him.

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