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Amber & Zebulun

Both Amber and Zebulun were born in places where they lived for only a short time; Zebulun in Marquette, Michigan and Amber in Yellowknife, NT. Soon after, Zebulun's family moved to the suburbs of Chicago. Amber's family was living in Pelly Bay, NT (now Kugaaruk, NU) before they moved to Marysville, ON. Unlike many people who “grow up” in or near the town where they were born, Amber and Zebulun were moved to a new place and challenged to redefine their individual identities. Ironically, this would happen to them both many times during their childhoods.

Fast forward to 2009, when for a myriad of reasons both Amber and Zebulun happened to be in Chicago. For an even more complicated series of reasons they happened to meet. As they were (and are) Musicians, they began to play concerts together (with Zebulun as leader of a Tom Waits cover band and Amber on cello!). As destiny would have it, soon they were in love and happily married. Now, they are creating together.

Cognitive Dissonance - the first track on South of North, East of West.

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