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Amplifying the Artistic Vision: Music Supervision in Film for "Whistle Down Wind

Our protagonist chooses a new life.

At Said So Sound, we are thrilled to be at the heart of the music supervision for the captivating film "Whistle Down Wind," which is currently in production. This project is not just a film; it's a profound exploration of themes that resonate deeply with contemporary audiences, crafted by the visionary team at Justice Film Collective.

The Essence of "Whistle Down Wind"

"Whistle Down Wind" is an independent feature that intertwines drama with poignant narratives, set against the backdrop of evocative landscapes. The film invites viewers into an immersive story that promises not only to entertain but also to provoke thought and stir emotions.

Our Role: Crafting the Sonic Landscape

As music supervisors at Said So Sound, our role extends beyond merely selecting music. We are integral in shaping the auditory experience of the film, ensuring that each musical piece complements the emotional and narrative arc of the story. Our work involves meticulous collaboration with the filmmakers to understand their vision and translate it into a soundscape that enhances every scene.

Working closely with artists and composers, we have curated a soundtrack that reflects the film’s atmosphere and enriches its storytelling. This process includes securing music rights and clearances, a critical aspect that ensures the film's music aligns with legal standards while supporting independent artists.

Supporting "Whistle Down Wind"

As "Whistle Down Wind" progresses through production, support from the community and film enthusiasts is invaluable. We encourage everyone to contribute to this artistic endeavor to help bring this unique story to life. You can support the film by visiting the fundraising page here and learning more about the project and its significance.

Additionally, for more detailed information about the film and updates from the production team, please visit the Justice Film Collective’s official website for "Whistle Down Wind" at this link.


Music has the power to transform a film from a mere visual narrative into a multi-sensory experience that leaves a lasting impact on its audience. At Said So Sound, we are committed to delivering this experience through our dedicated music supervision and sound design. "Whistle Down Wind" represents a beautiful synergy of storytelling and sound, and we are proud to be a part of this creative process.

Stay tuned to our blog for more behind-the-scenes looks and insights into our projects. If you're looking for expert music supervision or sound design for your next project, don't hesitate to

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A share moment between the main characters.

Film poster from the short of the same name

Teenage party

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