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Tasting notes include connotations of Fugazi, The Pixies and The Gories, badassassins grinds in the perfect sense of the word, honing the tried and true rock band formula down to its essence. Guitar, bass and drums - raging, exciting, simple and satisfying. Just the basics, and that's why badassassins resonate with listeners and audiences alike.

Lyrics on a need-to-know basis contemplate uncertainty in the world's minutiae. With the titles being 'I Don't Care' and 'No Worries' what else would you expect? Here's what to expect : ROCK.

Get your kicks with badassassins and have some fun, no excuses necessary.

Badassassins - Injury [Music Video]

Badassassins' woozy video for 'Injury' gives you the feeling of bleeding out while you're too apathetic to stitch up a fresh wound.

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