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Bogus Bones

The Long Way Home, the debut album from Bogus Bones, started as a solo project for Julian Cassanetti (The Lot Six, Drug Rug) who decided to make use of the time he suddenly had in the midst of the global pandemic to record a collection of songs he had been compiling for over a decade—but the result became something unexpected.

In total, 23 people contributed to the creation of The Long Way Home—some of whom worked, wrote or recorded in Julian’s Lake Worth home studio while others shared their tracks over the internet from hundreds of miles away.

The long list of contributors all added something unique to the album that makes defining its sound almost impossible.

Bogus Bones - All Flat (Official Video)

Official music video for All Flat by Bogus Bones, off the 2021 release The Long Way Home.

Video Created by Matthew Byers.

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