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Glitter Moneyyy

Equality demanding, politically pissed, patriarchy destroying rap duo. The duo weave political activism, self love, and sex positivity into booty shaking hip-hop anthems.

Growing up in the nastyyy state of Florida, Queen Trashley & TayyySlayyy moved to Chicago where they made a name for themselves as the equality demanding, pussy poppin, dildo riding, nazi punching, rap duo GLITTER MONEYYY.

Glitter Moneyyy created Glitter Fest, a festival featuring live music, comedy, burlesque, drag and more that focuses on highlighting performers of color and LGBTQ+ performers. Glitter Fest cultivates a safe space for performers and audience members of all walks of life to express themselves and celebrate while spreading radical love and positivity.

Chicago Rap Duo, Glitter Moneyyy, take flight in their new video "Uh-Oh", rapping over 360 feet in the air at 100 miles per hour.

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