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Growroom Productions

Funk, Jazz, Soul label that is the home of Three Man Soul Machine, igloo two, Dara Z, Badassassins, Slanigiro Renguez, Honest Lee, Aleutian Arc, Forrest Fire, The Mighty Heard, SBV and many others.

Growroom Productions has been active in the DC/MD/VA area since 2004, bringing music, food, art and entertainment across genres to good people looking for good fun.

Founded by members of The Mighty Heard and their friends during a summer of weekly BBQs, the idea evolved into a production company focused on music events and flourished for the next few years. The Growroom Getdown was a staple event, bringing local music, visual and performance artists and food together for legendary parties in College Park, MD, raising money for musical ventures and charity organizations.

Growroom Interpretations Vol. 1 : Cure for Pain

A song-for-song cover of the classic album 'Cure for Pain' from seminal 90's band Morphine, featuring a handful of DC's most prestigious acts, luminaries from the Growroom Galaxy, and one of NYC's most eccentric bandleaders.

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