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Honest Lee

Drum-centric funk and soul instrumentals. Honest Lee has been an in-demand DJ and drummer in the Washington DC area for over 15 years known for his funky and soulful style.

All fresh and original music, but mixed with remnants of the past, while paying homage to the foundation. Always with a nod to the roots, but moving forward into new territory Honest Lee produces classic downtempo, funky trip-hop and chillout.

Showcasing Honest Lee's diverse musical background is the modus operandi here, and that comes through with its afrobeat guitars driving the track along with lush chords and steady percussion.

Honest Lee - Last Call for Lion's Milk (teaser)

On his latest, Honest Lee brings analog breakbeat for the dance floor, with fuzzy guitar leads, Rhodes stabs and a heavy kick, propelling you to get up and move.

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