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At a time when pop culture artifacts are recycled, rebooted and reissued to capitalize on audiences’ eagerness for nostalgia, it’s unusual to find an outfit which somehow manages to combine the sensibilities of yesteryear with an eye looking decidedly to the future. Enter the audiovisual anomaly Telesonic 9000. Equal parts musical act and abstract art experiment, Telesonic 9000 weaves together genre-bending songs with kinetic mashups of midcentury films to produce an inventive brand of sound and video that is as nostalgic as it is forward looking. The ingredients which make up the music - the frantic pace of new wave, Krautrock’s calculated rigidity, electropop synth hooks - form the basis for a type of multimedia storytelling that connects America’s once-thriving enthusiasm for a brighter future to the looming uncertainty of our information revolution. This synchronization of sonic elements and stylized imagery serves as ornamentation for themes which capture an essential feeling about our relationship to time, and how the past’s visions of tomorrow impact today.

TELESONIC 9000 - Modern World

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